October 7, 2008


Why should I be forced to speak your language,
Follow your culture and adhere to your religion,
When I have a language, a culture and a religion of my own?

Is it because there are more of you and less of me,
That you try to force me?
With your funny rules and silly laws!
For sixty years you had your way,
But now I think I’ll have my say!

Your thoughts are not my thoughts,
Neither are your ways my ways.
There might be more of you and less of me,
But I’ll always fight for my right to be free!

The full moon day might be ‘holy’ to you,
But to me its just another holiday!
Like a Saturday or Sunday, a day to relax!
With fried beef for a bite and a beer on the side!

I may be not be perfect, but I’m no hypocrite!
I eat all kinds of meat and my favourite is beef.
You say you’re a vegetarian, but gorge yourself on fish!
Isn’t ice cream, cake and wattalappan made out of eggs?

You say alcohol is bad, that’s your point of view.
I enjoy a drink or two, doctors agree with me too.
Once a man from Nazareth turned water into wine.
Now people the world over drink wine while they dine.

On the full moon, a man kills a bull for food.
He is fined fifty thousand and sentenced to jail.
A MIG bombs the rebels that very same day.
Body parts strewn allover, can’t be used for food.
The pilot gets a medal, he doesn’t go to jail.
Hypocrites like you should rot in hell!

Why? I ask why? Can’t you leave me alone?
Let me live according to my culture,
And you according to your own!
If you’re a vegetarian, that’s fine by me,
Let me eat my fried pork, roast chicken and beef!

Bulls, pigs and chickens or the fish in the sea!
Nothing lives forever including you and me!
So lets eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die,
You sip your ‘Kola Kenda’ and I’ll gulp down my beer!

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