October 10, 2008

Time Capsule?

Every now and then, we read about some well meaning group burying a “Time Capsule” in the ground. This capsule is always crammed with all sorts of things that represent our Modern World…the idea being that when future generations dig it up, they will know just how wonderful we really were! And I say this is ridiculous! I say if you’re going to bury things, bury the things that should be buried, then make sure they stay buried. There are plenty of things in our Modern World that we could happily do without…like for instance the things we could get rid of once and for all!

Here are some of them:

The 225 members of parliament, A copy of the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya,’ Mega tele dramas, The Presidents ‘Satakaya,’ Next years Rupavahini programmes, This years Budget, A claymore mine, A parcel bomb, A multi barrel rocket launcher, A MIG, A Kafir, The Indian Radar System that was gifted to Sri Lanka, Sanath Jayasuriya’s ‘Pirith Nool,’ Indian tele dramas dubbed in Sinhalese, A Sri Lankan made ‘Micro car,’ A private bus, A private bus driver and conductor, A copy of all Government newspapers, The Mahiyangane telephone directory, A bullet and a ballot, A copy pf the constitution, The Communist party manifesto, The Peace Accord that was signed by Rajiv Gandhi and J.R.Jayawardene, Wimal Weerawansa’s hair gel, Somawansa Amarasinghe’s false teeth,
Ellawala Medananda’s ‘Benz car,’ All the episodes of ‘Sirasa Super Star,’ All the episodes of ‘Derana Dream Star,’ A ‘Mihin Lanka’ plane, A ‘White Van’ that was used for abductions, The Central Bank Governor, The ‘Switch Blade’ used by Mervin Silva, The only map showing where this ‘Time Capsule’ is buried.

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