October 13, 2008

More little known organizations of Sri Lanka!

SPCA – Sri Lankans for the Practice of Cruelty to Animals

For over 63 years we have been fighting and killing each other!
Why not direct our natural aggression against animals instead of each other!
They are doing it to us! Let’s do it to them!

1,23,497 people bitten by stray DOGS last year!

56,570 people hospitalized after being bitten by DENGUE mosquitoes during the last six months!

15,382 individuals bitten by SNAKES last month!

10,702 people scratched by CATS this month!

5,289 people stung by WASPS in Sigiriya last week!

1 idiot trampled by an ELEPHANT last night!

It’s time to fight back! Join operation “Zero Casualties,’ or the ‘Humanitarian Operation’ and get them before they get you!

* Go out and kick dogs in the gut!

* Set fire to stray cats!

* Carpet bomb marsh land and other areas where mosquitoes might breed, after declaring the areas as “NO Fire Zones!”

* Do not agree to the mosquitos’ demand of a “Separate State in the Beira Lake!”

* Use ‘Bunker Buster Bombs’ to destroy elephant herds!

* Plant mines to destroy cattle herds!

* Pluck the feathers off live chickens if they withhold information!

* Tape the beaks of parrots!

* Pull the wings off flies!

* Walk around stepping on ants!

Bring you’re pet to any one of our conveniently located torture chambers!
Be sure to register your pets at the nearest police station or army camp before you bring them!
Enter our exciting new contest “The most vicious cruelty to a Domestic Animal!” be the winner of the “Grand Prize” of 1 Million Rupees!

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