October 7, 2008

A true story about a Member of Parliament!

This is a true transcript of an essay written by a Member of Parliament at the Parliamentarians English Exam (PEE). As many Parliamentarians failed it, PEE is not done in Parliament anymore.

The Sri Lanka Elefant

There is a three Sri Lanka elefants.
One is a home elefant.
Two is a val elefant.
Three is a UNP party animal.
The elefant has 4 leggs.
Elefant has long thrunk hanging between 2 white iworry tasks
some have on both side of hanging thrunk.
These iworry is very moneyful.
Some bad men rape the val elefant to get Iworry and sell for money.
Elefants like to eat banananas, bunns, gnana kathas, like that.
It like to drink milk and toddy two.
Like you and other people elefants send extra food out to the world from
the behind of the backside, at the back.
Elefants have tails.
This is to move the fly.
Some time elefant is moving tail this way that way but fly is not going out.
Elefant never forgets.
One storey I tell you, one day one man pulling elefants tail hard and run away.
You know no, how elefant.
50 years after pulling tail, man as died.
When the dead man is going to the kanatta our elefant is going near the
mini box and lifting his tail, do large dung and going away
an elefant very remember what man did know.
Elefants are vary istrong.
It can puss trees.
It pusses and pusses and the tree downfalls.
Elefant is conthrolled by mahout man.
Mahout man is using tall hooker to pull Elefants ear and he sometimes pulls Elefants leg also.
But Mahout man love Elefant and puts his bananana in Elefants mouth if he is good.
Zoo elefant can dunce.
Zoo Elefant can dunce and play his own organ.
It also can shit on its stool.
If you give money zoo elefant will take you for a ride down garden path.
Elefant is large gift to people of SriLanka.
We must look after our elefant, then we can use elefant to do things on the fields, in the jungle, in the zoo also then we can have lots of baby elefants.
Then we can ex-fort elefants to other cunttrees and be povertyless.

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