October 21, 2008

A Total Waste!

During the war,
he thought of victory,
of glory to be gained
and medals to be won,
to kill the enemy
and capture their towns,
to bomb them into submission
and save country, race and religion.

During the war,
he had no time for blue skies
and walks in the park
with the woman he loved,
because the enemy had to be killed
and their towns had to be captured
to save country, race and religion.

Now the war is over
and nobody knows who won or lost!
He can't see blue skies,
because he lost both his eyes!
He can't take a walk in the park,
because he lost both his legs!
The woman he loved has married someone else!
What a total waste of,
two eyes and two legs!

His country is in fragments!
His race is a farce!
His religion which is actually a philosophy,
is not practiced as it should be!
If it had, he would have learnt that,
Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love!
That is the eternal truth!

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