October 22, 2008

Tales from the 'North Side'

After our MIGS bombed the village and we used all the bullets on the men, we all met near the well of a bombed out house. My two friends who were farmers before joining up had with them a dark good looking woman.

We formed into a queue and took our turn with her, but she wouldn't comply with the guys who were last in the queue...she just lay crying in the grass.

My friend who was hot tempered, lost his cool and smashed her head with his rifle butt. One blow was all that it took. Her skull had caved in but her body was fine.

He straightened her out again and had one more go at her. Her son was running around crying because his mother wouldn't speak to him.

Some of the guys laughed and got back in the queue to take their turn with her again, but I didn't want to look because she reminded me too much of my wife.

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