August 7, 2008

Minister Mervin and goons attack Sirasa journalists and seize cameras

Aug 04, 2008

Minister Mervin Silva's goons assaulted the Sirasa media crew that had gone to report the ceremonial opening of the second phase of the Jeyaraj Fernandopullai Memorial flyover in Kelaniya and seized the two video cameras they had right inside the venue of the function.
As the cameramen were getting ready to record the declare opening of the bridge by Prime Minister Rathnasiri Wickramanayaka, the Minister came there and ordered them to go away. Then the goons of the Minister came to the scene, assaulted the cameramen and seized their cameras.

While a Police Superintendent was observing the incident, at least the police security personnel who were there for his security did not come to the rescue of the journalists.

The two victims, Sampath Varuna and Provincial cameraman Saliya lodged complaints in Peliyagoda police station in this regard.

Minister Mervin Silva has not allowed the Sirasa Media Network to report the functions in Kelaniya since a long time. He threatened and chased away Sirasa journalists in several previous occasions as well.

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