February 25, 2009

No, I Said

They took me to the battlefield and showed me the rows upon rows of dead women, children and old people and told me they were enemy combatants. Showed me dead cattle and told me they were enemy cattle. Showed me the destroyed houses and deserted streets and said, “See how successful our ‘Humanitarian Operation’ is! ”Not a single civilian or soldier was killed or injured.

“No,” I said, in my newspaper column the next day. “There is nothing successful or humanitarian in calling dead women, children, old people and cattle enemy combatants! And what do you gain by bombing their villages and towns into the stone age?”

A few days later they abducted me in a white van, and beat me unmercifully. Locked me up and threw away the key. Said I was a traitor to my race and an enemy sympathiser. Put a gun to my head and said, “See how successful our ‘Humanitarian Operation’ is!”

“No,” I said, “And there was a flash and a bang and I was dead.” The next days headlines would read, “Enemy sympathiser shot while trying to escape.”
Yes my dear killers, my murder along with the thousands of other unnamed and unarmed civilians will go down in history as a successful ‘Inhumanitarian Operation.”

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