February 25, 2009

The Greatest Show on Planet Mirth

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages,
Come one! Come all!
And watch this clowning spectacle,
Now showing daily, from morning till night!
So don’t just sit there looking stupid!
Switch on your Idiot Island television and see,
‘The Greatest Show on Planet Mirth!”
Even better than the gladiatorial contests,
Of ancient Rome on Planet Earth,
When Caesar gave his people bread and circuses.
Now see the Caesar of Idiot Island give his people rice and war!

See the death defying stunts of Mig pilots,
As they drop their cluster bombs with pinpoint accuracy,
On unarmed women, children and old people.
See multi barrel rockets light up the night sky,
Like a 31st night fireworks display,
As they speed towards their random targets.

See the funny Defence Comedian and the
Funny Government Comedian, tell tall tales,
About low flying satellites, international conspiracies,
And alien abductions by UFOs.
(Also known as ‘Unidentified Four Wheeled Objects’ or ‘White Vans’).

See the 110 clowns all dressed in white say,
“Yes Sir! No Sir! Ulcer!”
As they jump through hoops to the command of
The Caesar of Idiot Island.

See the ‘Humanitarian’ shelling of unarmed civilians!
See the ‘Humanitarian’ killing of an editor!
See the ‘Humanitarian’ burning down of a television station!
See the ‘Humanitarian’ killing of 9 journalists and the beating up of 28 more!

See all this and more!
8 days a week! 465 days a year!
Only on Idiot Island television,
In the Idiot Island under Hindiyar!

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