December 7, 2009

The job isn’t over until the paperwork is done!

Let’s face it…when a man’s gotta go…a man’s gotta go!
At times like this, to be or not to be, is not the question…but how and where you can be! After some deliberation and the matter has been dropped, the best paper to wipe your rear end is none other than “Percy Bean Toilet Paper!”

“Percy Bean Toilet Paper” is manufactured to international standards with stringent quality control. World leaders like Barrack Obama, Gordon Brown, David Milliband, Manmohan Singh, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Rudd and Erik Solheim swear by “Percy Bean Toilet Paper,” and never leave home without a couple of rolls.

“Percy Bean Toilet Paper” has become an instant hit with Tranquil Holiday Campers taking an extended holiday in "Welfare Holiday Camps" in the north of the "Democrazy Theocrazy Banana Republic of Idiot Island."

According to eyewitness reports, 3,00,000 Tranquil Holiday Campers using “Percy Bean Toilet Paper” to wipe their rear ends, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is certainly a sight for sore eyes!

Buy ONE and get ONE FREE!

HURRY! Offer Valid Till Stocks Last!

Available Island wide at all leading Super Markets and Restaurants!

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