August 25, 2012

9.3 tons of Gold - Part of SL's national assets sold secretly - World Gold Council exposes

(Lanka-e-News-22.April.2012, 11.30PM) The World gold Council official data report states that the Sri Lanka Central Bank during the last quarter of 2011 had sold 9.3 tons of gold constituting part of the country’s national asset. This had been exposed on 18th Oct. 2011. This means that this illicit transaction had taken place prior to this date. The approximate total value of the gold so sold as at 30th Sept. 2011 was Rs. 72300 million !!

According to world data , the price of an ounce of gold in 2001 was US. Dollars 252.00. Today this price has shot up to US dollars 1660.00. The world gold Council predicts that by 2014 , this price will exceed US dollars 10,000/- per ounce. That means in two years , the total value of the gold sold secretly will be about Rs. 400
billion !!

Why was this gold weighing 9.3 tons of this high value which constitutes country’s asset sold ? After collecting so much of money , what is the relief provided to the poverty stricken masses? Why was this kept as a secret? During the period when the country’s gold assets should be preserved carefully , who is the fool who initiated this sale ? Because of MaRa regime’s illicit and secret gold business , is a representative of the Central Bank issued with a permanent residence visa to stay in Malaysia ? Is the MaRa regime doing a ‘buying and selling’ business out of this gold ?

The Central Bank is bound to reveal to the people the truth and furnish with answers to these questions , for the Central Bank is not the private or the dowry property of MaRa to use it to dabble in illicit and unlawful businesses, according to his or his regime’s whim and fancy.

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