October 5, 2010

The Killer Inside ME (2010)

Based on the novel by legendary pulp writer Jilmart Thompsonpaksha, Michael Winterbottompaksha's, 'The Killer Inside ME' tells the story of smarmy looking small town ParleyMutt Percy 'Jilmart' Bean, who comes in contact with a prostitute in his capacity of "Cartetaker" of 'Jilmart Island.'

It turns out to be a very unexpected and violent encounter. Percy 'Jilmart' Bean has a bunch of problems. Megalomania problems. Abduction problems. Dynastic Problems. Zero Casualtiy Problems. An ever-growing pile of murder victims in his HumBug TOTO jurisdiction. And the fact he's a sadist, a psychopath, a killer. We learn how he dispatches several journalists'and thousand of unarmed civilians. Suspicion begins to fall on Percy 'Jilmart' Bean, and it's only a matter of time before he runs out of alibis. But in Percy 'Jilmart' Bean's savage, bleak, blacker than noir 'ASSchariya Rai Universe' nothing is ever what it seems and it turns out that the investigators from "THE UNITED BANKERS" pursuing him might have a secret of their own. Especially chief investigator Mr. Banking BOOM. You should expect the unexpected all along through out this story until the very end.

Michael Winterbottompaksa

Chris Hanleypaksa
Bradford L. Schleipaksa
Andrew Eatonpaksa

Percy 'Jilmart' Bean
Kate Hudson
Jessica Alba

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