July 29, 2009

The Witness

There lies an eerie silence,
on the grassy fields pock marked
with craters scattered amongst the broken trees
and trampled flowers where,
twenty thousand died because they were,
in the wrong place at the wrong time.
You are either with us or against us!
If you remain on their side, you will die like dogs!
But if you come over to our side, you can
live like dogs in barbed wire camps!

That was the ultimatum, before the bombs
and shells and rockets began to fall.
Those responsible for these humanitarian atrocities,
are now heroes in the eyes of the vocal majority who
celebrated the death of the twenty thousand,
while the silent minorities silently wondered if they would be next!

The swine flu infected majority thought,
this was a war without witnesses.
But they did not count on one witness,
that was too high in the sky to be destroyed or killed!
Like they did to TV stations and journalists!
A witness that was too far away to be intimidated or abducted in,
‘Unidentified Four wheeled Objects!’
A witness that was beyond the range of multi barrel rockets and artillery!
A witness that could not be insulted by state media!
A witness that could not be bribed into withholding evidence!
The Eye In The Sky Saw It All!
Satellite evidence that only blind patriots and idiots would deny!
Those who survived, can rest assured that,
the world will never forgive or forget!

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