August 31, 2012

How Sri Lanka Can Win the 2012 T20 World Cup

1. Appoint Mahinda Rajapaksa match referee of all the WC T20 matches played by Sri Lanka.

2. Appoint Gotabaya and Basil as on field umpires and Namal as the 3rd umpire in all the WC T20 matches played by Sri Lanka.

3. Appoint Chamal Rajapaksa as manager of the Sri Lanka cricket team.

4. Only allow Sri Lankan fans to enter the stadiums where the SL cricket team plays it’s matches.

5. Declare Mervin Silva, Duminda Silva and Wimal Weerawansa official cheerleaders of the SL cricket team and let them roam around the match venues intimidating fans and supporters of the opposing teams.

6. Bring in a 19th Amendment to the constitution making it compulsory for all Sri Lankans irrespective of their race or religion to fly the Sinhala flag from their homes and scream ‘JAYA WAY WAA! ONE COUNTRY! ONE PEOPLE! ONE RULING FAMILY’ every time a 4 or a 6 is scored by the SL team.

7. Declare the hotels accommodating opposition teams as “NO FIRE ZONES” and then promptly bombard them with multi-barrel rockets and cluster bombs.

8. Change the cricket laws so that Lasith Malinga can bowl all 20 over’s allotted to the SL team in each game.

9. During crunch matches, use “White Vans” to abduct key players of opposition teams (especially Virat Kohli of India) and promptly blame the abductions on an “International Conspiracy” to tarnish the image of the government and the country.

10. Wrap cricket balls with “Holy Thread” (pirith nool) utter some mumbo jumbo over the balls and place them in the stadiums where the SL team plays its games in order to bring them good luck.

11. If all of the above fails, contact the thief who was responsible for the museum robbery, and instruct him to steal the T20 World Cup and have it delivered to Hotel de Temple Palace.

August 25, 2012


SRI LANKA: The Police Torture Epidemic in Sri Lanka (a documentary)

Gota Is Mentally Sick, A Family Friend Reveals

By Senaka Samaranayaka -

Gotabhay Rajapaksa’s appalling behaviour started after LTTE suicide attempt some years ago and as a result of this his head on the right side was knocked so hard, since then he has no control over his emotions especially anger, a Rajapkasa family friend reveals.

Last Sunday, Willa Wickramasinghe a businessman and a close confidant of President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited a private hospital to check on an aged female family friend whom he had known for years and who was well versed in political matters in the country. During the visit which lasted for about an hour many interesting topics were discussed. The discussion then turned on to the latest media glare that spilt news on Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabhya’s puppy.

It was alarming to note that there was not a hint of remorse or a feeling of shame from this gentleman for the disgusting manner in which the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence replied to the Sunday Leader editor Frederica Jansz who called him to verify facts. This is despite the fact that the ailing patient went on and on to explain that such behaviour was not welcomed from a person from that caliber and position. She further mentioned that if such threats were made publicly by any other person he or she would have been sued.

Whilst any person with an iota of intellect would consider this tantamount to pure intimidation and threats as the person concerned is not just any one but a man of authority and power. It is hard to imagine that this senior citizen with all his left oriented ideas and years of experience, trying to whitewash Gota’s outrage by making an excuse, mentioning an attempted assassination which was blamed on the LTTE in 2006. It’s a fact that we all know that he escaped unhurt from this ordeal whilst two commandos were killed instantly. But he went on to justify his appalling behaviour saying “this is a result of the Secretary’s brush with death during the attempted suicide some years ago. As a result of his head on the right side was knocked so hard and since then he has no control over his emotions especially anger.”

Adding insult to injury he stated that he can’t imagine why the Gotabhaya Rajapaksa bothered to answer the call knowing very well that the caller was this woman journalist. He said “a man of such high position should have a person to monitor incoming telephone calls and only calls that are important should be answered by him”

This discussion was later joined by the senior Minister DEW Gunasekara who was very sympathetic towards the Secretary saying “In the interview which he has given to the media today he had admitted that he lost his temper”, implying we have to excuse this poor man’s behaviour no matter what and that Sunday Leader is only making a big drama out of the whole episode.

This reflects how senior citizens and people holding responsible positions who brag themselves to be leftists not only trying to justify but try to deny the fact that Defence Ministry Secretary is not to be blamed for his improper conduct and trying to divert blame elsewhere.

Colombo Telegraph

Sri Lanka: Becoming A Nation Of Perverts, Paedophiles And Rapists

By Barbara Seneviratne -

All through the years(Ceylon) Sri Lanka was thought of as a country that has high standards of decency, civilized and well disciplined, but since 1977 disorder, violence, corruption, injustice of power and tyranny of wealth is so widespread that in the near future it will paralyze the life in this country.

No democracy can survive with out law and order. The moral standards of our politicians, police force, army, criminals, and legal system are living examples. The cause for this state of affairs is the failure to provide moral leadership.

For sometime the media has been reporting alarming rise in the statistics of incidence of crime, rape and sexual assault against minors. The latest statistic was highlighted to be a total of 900 within these six months. Does this not sound alarming and especially when majority living in this country are Buddhists? This country where majority are Buddhists is on the path to earning a shameful reputation of becoming a nation of perverts, paedophiles and rapists.

To read the daily raping of underage girls of 16 years to 01 year by ruling Government MPs at all levels ( Local, Provincial and National) school principals and teachers, members of the forces other public officers and the clergy is sickening. Is it that these politicians, officers and clergy think that they have license to rape and kill anybody they like because of their position and power?

The usual tendency is to either soft peddle such issues stating the perpetrators were under the influence of liquor or psychologically ill. Then how is that these adults hold responsible positions? The blatant truth is that they are intoxicated by power and positions. The rulers of the country should make sure that perpetrators of such crimes are severely punished irrespective of their rank and standing in society.

Even when they are arrested the perpetrators are not dealt as the way they should. They because of their “status” are given preferential treatment or either released due to lack of witnesses. Usually in such cases witnesses do not come forward for fear of reprisals. Which is the case in most crimes taking place in the country.

This alarming rise in the rate of sexual assault and rape of minors is a major concern to the civil society and time has come to voice our concerns and fears. We have questions but what are the answers. The questions are; Why are these acts of violence rising at an alarming rate? Are we heading to be a mentally sick nation?

Is it the society that contributes to violence or the foundation of the Constitution, which have been shaken by folly of the people and the corruption of the politicians?

Some of the other factors contributing to this kind of violence are the free flowing of drugs for which the response of the government is very poor, of course for reasons of their own, sexual objectification of the female bodies by the media and widely shown porn films in ever mushrooming DVD parlors.

It is strange that women’s organizations who publicly spoke out against violations of women’s rights and their bodies are not heard since of late. There were times demonstrations were held in the Colombo Lipton circus on injustices related to women. Especially when Krishanti Kumaraswamy and her mother was gang raped and murdered in 1996 by the Sri Lankan armed forces. There was a good response from the women’s movement. Krishanti too was in her teens during her rape and murder. Many a women and children faced similar situations in the North and East during the conflict but we in the South didn’t protest vehemently as we should because we were not affected. But now the same gruesome violations are taking place in the South and victims are mainly from low income families who are powerless and are struggling to meet ends due to ever rising cost of living.

Is it because we are living in “comfort and privileged zones” and perceive such crimes will not take place to kith and kin of ours that we are so indifferent ?

The famous quote by saying goes Niemöller is perhaps best to remind in this context:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.
The civil society organizations should be more active and women organizations should give the lead more aggressively to fight against all kinds of violence against women and children. A cry from all of us mothers fathers, brothers and sisters can certainly activate a lethargic government and time has come to resist and fight for justice.

9.3 tons of Gold - Part of SL's national assets sold secretly - World Gold Council exposes

(Lanka-e-News-22.April.2012, 11.30PM) The World gold Council official data report states that the Sri Lanka Central Bank during the last quarter of 2011 had sold 9.3 tons of gold constituting part of the country’s national asset. This had been exposed on 18th Oct. 2011. This means that this illicit transaction had taken place prior to this date. The approximate total value of the gold so sold as at 30th Sept. 2011 was Rs. 72300 million !!

According to world data , the price of an ounce of gold in 2001 was US. Dollars 252.00. Today this price has shot up to US dollars 1660.00. The world gold Council predicts that by 2014 , this price will exceed US dollars 10,000/- per ounce. That means in two years , the total value of the gold sold secretly will be about Rs. 400
billion !!

Why was this gold weighing 9.3 tons of this high value which constitutes country’s asset sold ? After collecting so much of money , what is the relief provided to the poverty stricken masses? Why was this kept as a secret? During the period when the country’s gold assets should be preserved carefully , who is the fool who initiated this sale ? Because of MaRa regime’s illicit and secret gold business , is a representative of the Central Bank issued with a permanent residence visa to stay in Malaysia ? Is the MaRa regime doing a ‘buying and selling’ business out of this gold ?

The Central Bank is bound to reveal to the people the truth and furnish with answers to these questions , for the Central Bank is not the private or the dowry property of MaRa to use it to dabble in illicit and unlawful businesses, according to his or his regime’s whim and fancy.

Who is a dictator?

The fall and demise of Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi is an indication that there is no one who could be equated with the Almighty. We are all mortals, after all. Mr. Gaddafi got on the stage in 1969. He was an instant hit with the people and the military as he deposed the monarchy. He was presented as a fire eating revolutionary who, at age 27, staked his life to free his country.

However, as is the case with all other dictators in history, he soon lost focus. At a point, he was hailed as the “King of Kings”. By that alone, anyone who is familiar with the jealousy of God would realise that the dictator’s days were numbered. True, a number of people have acknowledged that life is not particularly bad for the common people in Libya. There is enough, they say, to show that Libya produces oil. Social welfare facilities, including education and health are said to be available to the people. But, they were deprived of the most basic necessity of life- freedom. That provoked the uprising that eventually consumed the self-styled King of Kings who thought without him, there could be no Libya.

Mr. Gaddafi was not the first man to attempt to equate himself with God. Before him, there was Adolf Hitler who plunged the world into a war that claimed millions of lives. There was Mussolini. Of recent Saddam Hussein had to be plucked from power by allied forces of the Western powers. There were, on the African continent, Idi Amin Dada (in Uganda), Marcias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea), Sani Abacha (Nigeria), Jean Bedel Bokassa (Central Africa Republic), Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire) and Samuel Kanyon Doe (Liberia). In Asia we now have the infamous Mahinda Rajapaksa of (Sri Lanka).

At the height of their reign, they sought to equate themselves with God. They regarded other mortals, equally created by God, as rats and cockroaches. Most started well. They were very popular. They shed the blood of their predecessors to please the crowd. But, soon, they amassed such great power and wealth that could only get them drunk and insane. It is a familiar pattern. But none learn from his predecessors.

Who really is a dictator? To many, a dictator is that man who has no respect for the will of the people. Anyone who refuses to realise that what he holds is a sacred trust and that there is a social contract between him and the people can only move in one direction - down. Some dictators worked to transform their societies. An example was Josef Stalin.

His years in power propelled the defunct Soviet Union on the power of progress. He raised the socialist Republic to the status of a super power. But, he equated himself with God. He denied God and chose to rule as pharaoh did to children of Israel. He failed. The people craved for freedom. In laying the foundation for a great USSR, he also planted the seeds of the destruction of the country.

Muammar Gaddafi has just travelled that path. He has paid with his life. His good friend Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka is travelling on the same path at the moment. The same fate awaits him someday.

The Rajapaksa family pretend that the country would collapse without them. All over the country, they use money, public money and the power of the armed forces to oppress and repress the people. The white van is used effectively to abduct and kill those who disagree with the regime. The Rajapaksas’ stand above the law and disregard the constitution.

The law is waiting. Justice will be done because nothing is permanent. The immutable law of the universe over which only the Almighty presides dictates that they will one day pay for their evil deeds. Let those who have ears hear now, and those who have eyes see. Neither the Sun or the moon nor the truth can be hidden for long.